Sales Model Showdown: Funnel at 125 Years, Flywheel at 2

If you’ve been doing any sales research within the last ten years, you’ve probably heard of a “sales funnel” before. However, while the sales funnel model does solve many problems, there are new approaches developing to address some of its shortcomings for the online sales world. Here’s a brief walkthrough on the pros and cons of both.

Instagram Templates for Streamlined Holiday Marketing

As a platform for picture, video, and story sharing, Instagram is one of the most popular visual social media apps out there. It’s important to reach as many clients as possible with your social media. That’s why you should consider creating themed templates to improve your posts and boost efficiency during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the whole slew of winter holidays!

Understand Your Competition to Understand Your Business

The beginning of the fall and winter seasons is a pivotal time for your business to prepare for ramped up sales through the holidays. However, it is important to keep in mind that your competitors will be doing the same. By studying your competition and your position in the market, you’ll be better prepared to map out your business’s growth and reach your target audience.

15 Essential WordPress Plugins Your (Not Yet) Perfect Website Deserves

When you use WordPress to build your website, you have access to a wide variety of plugins—already prepared software that adds a specific feature or tool to your website—that can make any one of these tasks easier for your business. Here is the down-low on 15 essential WordPress plugins to help make your marketing even more efficient.

Store Your Passwords in Keychain on MacOS: A 7-Step Hack

Your daily business operations may require that you use a wide variety of digital tools, from analytics, to social media accounts, email services, and more. Keeping your accounts secure is essential. Here’s how you can access your login credentials for websites and apps should you lose track of your passwords or get logged out of an essential program.

3 Easy Ways to Stay Up To Date Online

Keeping your business information updated and current is the best first step to retaining customers and pointing them directly to what they need to know to most seamlessly make a purchase.