Meet Your MVA Support Team

…just call us “The Monkeys”

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A love for the desert and all things water keeps Chandler in a state of constant movement. That currently manifests as living in a custom built DIY Sprinter Van parked in…

Santa Fe, NM.

His career began in the medical field, working in Search and Rescue as a Wilderness EMT, but pivoted to operations and business development when he realized he could apply the same problem-solving and technical skills with clients who shared his desire to heal and help those around them.

A true jack-of-all-trades and master of some, Chandler can always be found deeply engrossed in a new hobby. Currently, this involves propagating plant clippings—because there aren’t enough house plants already being overwatered—immersing himself in books— likely related to Trauma-Informed Therapy, Psychology, and anything with a hint of adventure— or creating meaningful conversations and storytelling on his podcast, ‘Not Saying This Right.’

Chandler is perpetually in search of new problems to solve, doing so with genuine curiosity and everyday verve.

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Most at home wandering around the city—Philadelphia, PA, where she lives, San Francisco, CA, where she grew up, or anywhere reachable by road trip—on the “shoelace express,” Darby loves paying attention to…

…the details. She believes in the power of community to forward justice and flourishing on a local and global level, and is always excited to work with clients who deeply care about making the world a better place with their offerings.

 She holds an M.A. in journalism from the Univ. of Alabama, and she’s often using her philosophy education from Boise State Univ. to problem solve and analyze systems. A personality-defining baseball fan, impatient reader (grateful for 2x audiobook speed), and eager maker-of-playlists, Darby can typically be found enthralled by the magic coming through her headphones.

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Kayleigh has an eye for details and her curious nature is put to good use when it comes to problem-solving, researching, and getting to know a client and their visions. She excels at organization and loves…

 …a good list!

Kayleigh holds an AA in Social Work, along with all the art and design electives that could possibly fit into her schedule. She also harbors a passion for psychology and mental health awareness. She’s a firm believer in the profound impact of small gestures and is dedicated to fostering an environment of openness and compassion.

When not working (or on a quest for the next travel adventure), you’ll find Kayleigh enjoying concerts, paddleboarding, wielding art supplies, and savoring quality time with loved ones. Back at home in the Treasure Valley with her partner, Shane, their ever-entertaining dog, Stella, and a lively bunch of chickens, their household is a charming mix of occasional chaos, frequent laughter, and enduring acceptance.

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Charmed by all things language and the unending process that is accessing her own writing voice, Emma loves working with clients to discover their voice, hone their brand, and reach their…

…audience. When they’re not at the computer, Emma is pursuing their own creative storytelling endeavors, slowly learning Spanish/refining their German language skills, and learning how to be an active member of their New Orleans community, where they’re also trying to play more, flex their artistic muscles, and be a better auntie and friend.

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I’m a graphic designer residing in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I was born and raised in Allentown, PA and went to school in Philadelphia where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at…

…Philadelphia University. After some time working as a Product Designer, I went back to school to earn my Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I fell in love with graphic design, motion graphics, and illustration and they’ve been my specialties ever since.I find inspiration in play, food and my dog Dale. Besides my love for design, I have an equal love for all things food. I really enjoy baking, cooking, dining out and illustrating food I eat.

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Finn has a versatile background spanning from nursing and social work to self-defense training, event coordination, and copywriting—yet regardless of their field, their focus has consistently centered around…

…facilitating healing and building more compassionate communities.

Currently, Finn is excited to be exploring their position in the realm of healing more intently. As an MVA consultant (and podcast producer), they love the opportunity to help magnify important conversations and mobilize the work of client therapists, educators, and advocates. When they’re off the clock, Finn is focusing on their own inner work, building community, and having intentional playtime, which typically involves some combination of being outdoors, making or listening to music, and loving on their friends.

Lye Lobdell

Lye Lobdell


Lye fell into the digital agency world quite randomly through a friend, and took to it instantly. They have experience in all sorts of pursuits such as running a vintage shop online, veterinary technology, vegetarian cooking, and printmaking …

…They stream indie games on Twitch, and recently built their own PC! They love scampering outside with their pup & cat in the beautiful high desert of Oga Po’geh (Santa Fe), NM. Making things, helping create community, & organizing is their happy place.