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Using nonprofit management software—like Donorbox integrated with Salesforce for fundraising, and Asana for task management—frees up time to engage your community.

Whether you are starting up a brand new nonprofit – or you are working on transitioning your nonprofit more online – the internet can help you stay organized and relevant. You might be a nonprofit with one or multiple employees and with ten or ten thousand volunteers. You might fundraise $10,000 a year or $1,000,000 a year. Whatever your current status is, everyone can benefit from these online resources. 

Fundraising Software


Donorbox is a powerful fundraising nonprofit management software that is super simple to set up and attracts more recurring donors. It does this by allowing a donor to select whether they want to donate weekly, monthly, or annually. It accepts all forms of payment, including Apple Pay, PayPal, and bank payments.

Click & Pledge

Making it simple to fund raise has a huge impact on your organization’s goal fulfillment. Click & Pledge is an online fundraising platform with integrations that make it simple to connect with donors. This tool puts all of your online fundraising in one place.

Multi-Service Nonprofit Management Software Options allows you to connect with Donorbox to enable all aspects of your nonprofit to be available in one place. The cloud, an all-in-one nonprofit management software, can power your entire mission. It can track and measure impact in real time, raise more with AI-driven insights on donors, and take every constituent on their journey. 

Resource Platforms

The Storytelling Nonprofit

The Storytelling Nonprofit gives you the resources you need to communicate effectively with your audience. This site provides you webinars, online resources, and consulting services, all dedicated to maintaining a relationship with your readers. It also offers monthly content planning forums that help you create all of your social posts for the month in a breeze.

The Fundraising Authority

This free online tool gives you access to hundreds of articles, tips and tricks, and how-tos based only on nonprofit fundraising. It has sections on how to encourage repeat donors, create fundraising goals, communicating with donors, and how to execute a stellar fundraiser. Whatever questions your brain can think of that have to do with fundraising will be answered on this site.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is an award-winning magazine and website that covers cross-sector solutions to global problems. SSIR is written by and for social change leaders from around the world and from all sectors of society—nonprofits, foundations, business, government, and engaged citizens.

Task Management and Execution Tools


Your first nonprofit management software was probably a pen and sticky notes. Asana is the digitized version of that.

Put all of your tasks in one place, so you never forget what you need to do each day. You can create tasks for yourself or employees/volunteers. Asana is user-friendly and includes many how-to videos to ensure you understand the capabilities of the full platform. Never forget a project again! 


Create any marketing material you could ever need all in one place. Canva provides you with templates to create visually appealing graphics for social media posts. Anything from flyers, blog banners, to everything in between. It allows you to keep all marketing materials stored in one place, so you never have to worry about losing track of an important file again. 


Seriously, if you want one of the most life-saving, handiest plugins the internet has to offer – you need to check out Grammarly. The free version points out basic grammar and spelling errors. The premium version shows you advanced grammatical mistakes on top of spelling and punctuation. 


Track time with ease. Whether you are tracking your own time spent on projects – or needing to see how many hours your employees work per day – Harvest provides you with the knowledge of exactly where you are spending your time. 


Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, shoppable landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform.

To keep your nonprofit relevant and up to speed, implementing these 11 different nonprofit management software platforms can drastically help with reach, education, and organization. We hope you’ve found your new favorite nonprofit management software!