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Knowing how to use Pinterest well can take your sales beyond your website; get verified, try catalogs and shopping ads, and do it all with support!

The main goal for Pinterest is for people to get inspired and try new things. With over 300 million people using the platform monthly – all over the world – it is no surprise that it can be a valuable asset to your business. With online business being more important than ever before, surely you want to know how to use Pinterest to generate sales and growth.

Pinterest wants to show you.

They have several features and offerings with the aim of making it simple to list products and meet your potential customers as they scroll. If you set up your Pinterest profile with this shopability in mind, all you have to do is watch your reach grow.

How to Use Pinterest: 4 Game-Changing Functions


Pinterest is all about shopability, and its catalogs function proves that. This feature allows businesses to upload their products so people can shop directly from their page. You can easily turn your products into dynamic Product Pins, which means more shopable Pins across the site. A new dashboard allows businesses to organize their feed so their products can be discovered and purchased by Pinners.

Shopping Ads

If paid promotion is more your style, Pinterest offers that as well. Shopping Ads are available to all businesses through a self-serve tool Ads Manager. Once products are on the site, brands can easily promote items from their existing product feed with Shopping Ads. Then all it takes is for someone to type in a product they’re looking for and your pin can show up as a suggestion. Nifty huh? Shopping Ads allow your shop to generate more traffic to your board and as a result, create more sales.

Verified Pinterest Merchant

If paid promotion isn’t really your jam, then consider becoming a Verified Pinterest Merchant. This program is completely free to join and allows your profile to stand out among the others. Once verified, a badge on your profile and product Pins shows that your brand was vetted by the Pinterest team. You can catch shoppers’ eyes as they decide what to buy.

Being a Verified Merchant allows your brand to show up in dedicating shopping experiences like related Pins. This allows your product to reach potential new customers who were previously unaware of your brand — a.k.a. free marketing promotion. There are certain guidelines to becoming a merchant, so make sure you check those out here.

Pinterest Academy

Knowing how to use Pinterest in all of its intricate functionality isn’t a given. In view to that, Pinterest offers offers a free how-to guide for small businesses called Pinterest Academy.

This free e-learning tool offers a range of lessons and tips to help small businesses get a better handle on how to use Pins for their business. Through this free resource, you can fit more specific tactics into your Pinterest game plan. And you can find answers to those burning Pinterest marketing questions.

Keep At It

Check out this free resource as you begin. It includes five tips to help your small business. It tells you more about how to use Pinterest Analytics, adapting your marketing message, creating Pins that stand out, and improving your organic reach. 

Pinterest marketing is an investment in the “long game,” so make sure your foundation is rock-solid as you get started. A little optimization can go a long way to a thriving audience.