The Best Newsletter Content Ideas to Wow Your Audience

We know what you might be thinking: Does my business really need an email newsletter? The internet is full of newsletter content ideas— what would I even put in it?  Well, you’d be surprised: while email marketing may not be as trendy as social media or as frequently cited as website SEO, this tried-and-true method provides one of the best […]

Mailing List Maintenance 101: How to Conquer the Stale List

An orderly mailing list is an effective mailing list. When you keep your contacts up to date, you will know that your analytics are trustworthy and your marketing is reaching an active and interested audience. Here are five easy tasks that will keep your mailing list updated.

Automated Email Responses and 2 Other ERMS Magic Tricks

Everyone knows how to send an email but handling dozens of daily emails from dozens of different clients is a difficult task. Read on to find out how Email Response Management Systems can save time for you and your team.

Send Postcards and Mailers Stress-Free With Canva and Vistaprint

Creating any type of graphic that will see a mass audience is intimidating even when you have done it a million times. Creating content that will be sent out to your audience can be overwhelming and an experience that you do not look forward to. The good news? There are platforms like Canva and Vistaprint […]

Earned Media Value Through Email

You may have heard the term Earned Media Value (EMV) and wondered what exactly it was and how it pertained to your business. Earned Media is essentially any type of exposure for your business earned by word-of-mouth, recommendations, or conversations about your business. You cannot pay for earned media, but instead, you have to earn (imagine that!) […]

Email Marketing: An Overview of MailChimp Alternatives for Small Businesses

In early May, MailChimp announced that it intended to expand into an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses, following an updated tier pricing plan. With these updates, many features that were once labeled as free are now going to be anything but, and many customers, long-time and new, aren’t happy about it.

Mastering The Abandoned Cart Email

SalesCycle reported that approximately of 75.6% of carts were abandoned in 2018. (it’s possible you are only making ⅓ of the sales that you could be!)