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Are you missing out on abandoned cart revenue?

SalesCycle reported that approximately 75.6% of carts were abandoned in 2018. (it’s possible you are only making ⅓ of the sales that you could be!)

Abandoned e-mail campaigns are an extra marketing opportunity- they should be branded and attention-grabbing, with a clear reminder of what was being shopped and direct links to click to get back to shopping for it.

Design Your Email

1. Add a funny image or put casual humor in your text. Check out this article on how humor will give you the edge in online marketing.

2. Offer a limited time discount code. This will help urge the customer to finalize the sale before it’s too late.

3. Provide clear links to get back to their cart.

4. Offer support. Chances are there is a reason they abandoned their cart and if it was a technical question they couldn’t find the answer to, then you can help with that.

5. Create urgency. For example, your order will be saved for __ days” – creates an idea of scarcity and entices to hurry to buy.

Automate Your Email

Most, if not all payment platforms integrate with services like MailChimp to provide you the option to send multiple automated abandon cart campaigns. When creating these, make sure you personalize them as much as possible.

The more time you take to carefully craft these emails, the more revenue you will make in the long run.

Email 1:

Remind them 24 hours later. Create urgency.

Email 2:

Handle objections (ask why they don’t want to buy, allow them to reply and take answers into account) 24 hours after the 1st email.

Email 3:

Offer a discount code 48 hours after the 3rd email. Create urgency.

Don’t Stop There

If the only email campaign you are sending is for abandon carts you are already way behind the competition. You should be sending at a minimum the following:

1. Welcome e-mail (send immediately)
2. Check-in (3 days later)
3. Did the product arrive (2 days after the product is due to arrive)
4. Ask for a review (3 days later)
5. A time-sensitive promo that relates to their interests (4 days later)
6. A reminder of promo (1 day later)

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