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Email Response Management Systems (ERMS) can organize your inbox chaos, improve your analytics, and send automated email responses.

Everyone is familiar with the standard email providers like Gmail and Outlook. You might already have a business email set up through your website. What more do you need to keep in touch with clients, answer questions, and make inquiries on behalf of your business?

Well, quite a bit more actually. As your business grows, you will have to manage more communications in a shorter time frame (like with automated email responses). Here are some benefits of using up-to-date Email Response Management Systems (ERMS) to keep your business connected with clients.

What is an ERMS?

An ERMS is a kind of software that helps manage a high-volume of emails. They can help categorize emails, maintain different email addresses, and manage ongoing chains of messages back and forth between businesses and clients.

Many professional ERMS allow teams to operate from the same platform, share communications, monitor analytics, and even share responses to social media platforms. Those time-saving, wish-list items like automated email responses are just an ERMS away. Some professional ERMS on the market right now include OutpostPolymailSalesforce, and Front.

3 Magic Tricks ERMS Can Do

1. Bring Your Inboxes Together

If you work with a team, then you probably have to manage many different inboxes and communication channels at once. Your whole team has to respond to, cross-reference, and forward different inquiries and questions.

Most ERMS allow you to bring all of your communications together into one collaborative inbox. Your whole team can access this inbox. ERMS can combine inboxes from multiple email suites as well. You can access emails from a Google account and an Outlook account on the same platform.

You can also manage email channels integrated with eCommerce platforms like eBay or Shopify. Many of them also allow you to link social media messages from Twitter and Facebook as well. Your sales, customer service, media management, and email marketing teams can maintain their external communications from one platform while cooperating through the same service.

2. Improve Your Analytics

With an ERMS, you’ll have a convenient source of fresh data that covers all of your communications. You can track data on your incoming emails – who contacts you the most when you get the most emails, which inboxes are receiving the most messages. You can also see the response times and activities of your team.

By bringing your internal and external analytics together, you can see a lot. If you need to adjust schedules, reassign priorities, and ensure that tasks are getting accomplished. These tools can also help you strategize your email marketing campaign, keeping track of the most responsive participants on your surveys and mailing lists.

In addition to analytics, many platforms can track conversations in real-time. They can then notify you when someone on your team is writing a response in an email chain, keeping everyone updated without requiring group chats or questions.

3. Route and Reply (aka Send Automated Email Responses!)

By bringing your inboxes together and looking over your analytics, you can take advantage of powerful routing tools to provide speedy responses, including automated email responses. Routing tools can assign a particular teammate to respond, tag and sort incoming emails to different inboxes or folders, provide a premade template for engaging emails, or even send automated email responses according to your specifications.

These routing capabilities are standard for any up to date ERMS and will save your team valuable time. ERMS routing can also set up ticketing systems for customer service requests, allowing you to prioritize and sort through each task without redundancy.

See What ERMS Can Do for Your Business

Everyone knows how to send an email but handling dozens of daily emails from dozens of different clients is a difficult task. Keeping ahead with an efficient Email Response Management System will streamline your business operations while keeping clients engaged. With the right tools and the right team, you won’t have to worry about overflowing inboxes ever again. Automated email responses and more will be your norm.

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