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Mother’s Day is right around the corner — May 10, 2020 — so now is the time to get those Mother’s Day sales going. In times like this, when shopping in a physical store is not an option, you’ll need to get a little creative with how you host your Mother’s Day sale.

Mother’s Day is a holiday that generates more than 23 billion dollars every year. That is about 7 billion dollars more than Father’s Day revenue (which you should also plan to capitalize on). We’ve all felt the pressure to get the moms in our life that one incredible gift that they’ll love and cherish forever, so how can you capitalize on that in your online business?

Make Marketing Personable

Mother’s Day generally is a pretty emotional holiday, and you should capitalize on that. Many of us have a mother, mother figure, or other loved one in our life that we want to celebrate. There are plenty of personal stories and emotional reasons why we find it so important to celebrate them. Make your marketing speak to those emotional ties. You could do a campaign about why people love their mother or what makes their mother unique to them. 

The main idea here is just to remind your customers of how much they love the person they are celebrating. Step away from generic “Mother’s Day is happening May 10” and instead step into the realm of why Mother’s Day is so important and why you need a gift to reflect that.

Create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Your website should have a specific space dedicated to what people could buy their mother for Mother’s Day — the “ultimate gift guide.” This guide allows people to shop your website with ease and enables you to quickly market specific products directly to your customer. People don’t have to spend long periods of time browsing your website because you have all of the top gifts in one place. 

This ease will allow people to remember your store is a pleasant shopping experience. They will correlate the ease and accessibility of your site, and when they’re in the market for a gift again, they’ll most likely think of your website as the one to go to next time.

Host Giveaways 

One of the easiest ways to market your site — for free — is to host a giveaway. People love giveaways, and will like, share. and repost your original post just for the chance to win. Think of all that extra exposure you can get and the new audience you can reach, for free. The more extravagant the gift, the more people will share on their social sites. 

If a grand giveaway isn’t in the cards, then stick to something simple, like a gift card. You’d be surprised how many people will share a post for a $50 gift card to your shop. You could also make the giveaway more personable and tailor it to Mother’s Day. For example, a personal shopping session via Zoom for your mother and a gift card of $100. You can get as creative as you want with giveaways, and they’re a great way to get exposure.

Offer a Discount

No one can resist buying something that is 25% or 50% off. Consider offering a purchase incentive, this could be a regular sale of 25% off any item or B1G1, or even offer free shipping. Creating some type of discount will allow your site to stand alone from the hundreds of others that people can choose from who are not offering incentives. 

Don’t Forget About Last-Minute Shoppers.

We’ve all procrastinated when it comes to gift-giving, and odds are there will be a lot of last-minute shoppers for Mother’s Day. With physical stores closed, people don’t have as many last-minute options to go to the day before, and that’s where you come in. Consider creating an email campaign that highlights how many days there are left before Mother’s Day. Send out emails and post to social media about how many days people have left to place an order.

Continuously reminding people about the time they have left to place an order allows them to get more perspective on how soon they need to purchase. Sending out a “last day to place an order and guarantee you’ll get your order by Mother’s Day” email allows people to know that they have to place an order today, or they will not get their gift in time. 

We all love to celebrate the important moms and loved ones in our lives, and sometimes the perfect gift is just our way of showing a little appreciation. This year — more than most — is incredibly important for online sales and marketing. Get creative in your sales and create a promotion that is specific to you and your brand. Need help getting set up online? Reach out to Monkey VA today, we’d love to chat with you!