5 Best Link in Bio Tools Compared

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Using any halfway decent link in bio tool is better than using none at all, but using a great link in bio tool can make a huge difference in your conversions. Check out our list of favorites.

The Best Social Media Management Tools of 2022

With the rise of social media marketing comes the opportunity to amplify the story and hone the unique identity of your business. We’ve summarized the offerings and advantages of some of our favorite tools on the market right now.

What Users Want From Holiday Social Media Marketing

While marketing is an opportunity to tell a story about your business, you want to make sure that you are sharing information that speaks to the needs of your customers. Here’s a quick rundown on what users want from holiday marketing, to ensure your content is approachable, meaningful, and likely to generate sales.

Sales Model Showdown: Funnel at 125 Years, Flywheel at 2

If you’ve been doing any sales research within the last ten years, you’ve probably heard of a “sales funnel” before. However, while the sales funnel model does solve many problems, there are new approaches developing to address some of its shortcomings for the online sales world. Here’s a brief walkthrough on the pros and cons of both.

Understand Your Competition to Understand Your Business

The beginning of the fall and winter seasons is a pivotal time for your business to prepare for ramped up sales through the holidays. However, it is important to keep in mind that your competitors will be doing the same. By studying your competition and your position in the market, you’ll be better prepared to map out your business’s growth and reach your target audience.

Act Now! – 7 Easy Tips for Effective Calls to Action


Including a Call to Action (CTA)—obvious instructions on what viewers should do next—is necessary to build your audience, develop a list of leads, and garner interest in your services.
Here are seven simple tips to help you write effective CTAs that will inspire your readers to take action.

Mailing List Maintenance 101: How to Conquer the Stale List

An orderly mailing list is an effective mailing list. When you keep your contacts up to date, you will know that your analytics are trustworthy and your marketing is reaching an active and interested audience. Here are five easy tasks that will keep your mailing list updated.