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Using any halfway decent link in bio tool is better than using none at all, but using a great link in bio tool can make a huge difference in your conversions. Check out our list of favorites.

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Instagram is a highly effective means of driving traffic to your business’s website, especially as its e-commerce capabilities continue to expand. In order to keep up with the competition, it’s crucial that your user pathway remain easily navigable and highly functional. 

Because of Instagram’s limited linking capabilities, the link in bio is that primary pathway—the means of directing viewers to a product page or to your latest blog post. But since Instagram only allows one link at a time, this link must be constantly updated in order to remain current. 

Luckily, there are plenty of digital tools to help you get around this limitation—link in bio software that creates a single URL in your Instagram bio through which users can view numerous outbound links in the same place. This means that you can curate multiple links to support your various Instagram posts without having to update the same link every time!

The question remains though: which do you choose? To help you determine the best software for your business’s Instagram, we’ve collected five of the best tools on the market right now.

As it stands, Linktree is currently the top ranking link in bio tool, as featured in this report by Influencers Club and it’s easily one of our favorites too.

The best link in bio tool we know of, and our own software of choice, Sked Social’s link in bio tool offers all the essential features while exhibiting no standout flaws.

Fully integrated into Sked’s social media management software, this tool allows you to prepare an attractive landing page with a unique URL attached to every one of your scheduled posts. 

Included with a Sked Social subscription, this link in bio tool offers:

        -Individualized links for all scheduled posts

        -Faster loading speeds

        -Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations

        -Plans starting at $25/month

Sked Social is designed to share content across numerous social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Using their post scheduling systems, you can prepare Instagram posts with correlating bio links, while simultaneously customizing them for your Facebook page, Twitter account, and all your social platforms.

Any business managing multiple social media accounts will not only save time, effort, and stress with this streamlined content preparation, but they’ll provide their viewers a streamlined experience that will ultimately lead to customer conversion. 

Four Runner-Up Tools

For those who require a different set of specific features or a lower price range, a number of other reliable link in bio tools exist. Though not as adaptable as Sked Link, the following four platforms each have something to offer. Let’s review the pros and cons.

Unlike most other tools in this list, Link in Profile allows you to add links directly to the posts on your Instagram feed. 

All you have to do is add the desired URL to your post’s caption, and Link in Profile links the Instagram image to the appropriate landing page—requiring no extra step that will upset your content creation workflow.

Compatible with Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify links, this platform is great for businesses who want a no-hassle system with which to promote their e-commerce pages on Instagram.

Main Strength: Streamlined workflow that eliminates the usual link in bio extra steps.

Weaknesses: Almost no customization features; cannot re-order links without deleting and recreating posts. 

2. Linktree

Focused on reach expansion, Linktree is perfect for bloggers, influencers, and coaches who want to cultivate a social-media-centric audience. 

Its expansive functionality centers around robust analytics and extensive integrations for MailChimp, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and more.

Linktree offers a free plan with limited features, and paid plans start at $5/month. However, most of Linktree’s best functions are locked behind more expensive plans.

Main Strength: Impressive analytics features and outreach tools to expand your customer base; great for businesses that focus on newsletters.

Weaknesses: The best features are only included with the two most expensive plans; customization features are limited.

3. by Later

Ideal for e-commerce-focused Instagram pages, operates like an outbound Instagram Market page, allowing users to browse products on a customized page before clicking to purchase them on your website. can be used for free without a Later subscription, but paid plans come with additional features. Later starts at $15/month billed monthly. 

Main Strength: Offers a unique way for users to scroll through your links, with substantial page customization and clear ties to the original post’s call to action.

Weaknesses: No way to prioritize or order links without deleting or editing posts.

Like, Feedlink recreates your Instagram feed as a landing page of its own, embedding your Instagram posts with links that users can click on. 

Feedlink offers tools that help you prioritize specific links and rearrange your landing page without altering your original Instagram feed. It also offers a shoppable feed so customers can purchase directly from your Instagram page!The free version syncs with just one Instagram account, but paid plans, starting at $3/month, offer landing pages for multiple Instagram accounts, as well as schedules for link availability and detailed analytics that report view time, click rates, and more.

Main Strength: Recreates your Instagram feed as a clickable page, but allows you to rearrange and prioritize important posts and purchasable products.

Weaknesses: Limited features for scheduling posts.

Choosing the best link in bio system for your business is the first step, but of course, next, you’ll need to integrate, customize, and maintain it for optimal functionality. If you’re already over-extended, let our team of experts take this one off your plate.