How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts: 5 Tips to Ignite Your Results Ranking

Crafting content that will show up in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. It may sound like a lot of programming and HTML, but actually, optimization primarily relies on the proper sourcing and formatting of your blog’s content. Here is our five-step guide on structuring content for optimized blog posts

Writing a Blog Post in 45 Minutes with 5 Easy Steps

As any novelist will tell you, it’s hard to write consistently on a day-to-day basis. Regular writing requires work and patience, but developing a routine that structures your writing can make it a lot easier. Producing content for a blog can feel time consuming at first, but blogging is an effective source of leads. As you get used to your routine, you can start creating engaging content in under an hour.

Store Your Passwords in Keychain on MacOS: A 7-Step Hack

Your daily business operations may require that you use a wide variety of digital tools, from analytics, to social media accounts, email services, and more. Keeping your accounts secure is essential. Here’s how you can access your login credentials for websites and apps should you lose track of your passwords or get logged out of an essential program.

4 Simple Tips for Improving SEO

Have you recently made a Google search, read the first few results, and wondered what it takes to make it to that first page? Have you wondered what affects that result rank, or what someone can do to improve your rank?

Being Prepared for Fall: How To Set Your Business Up for Autumn Success

As you notice the steady changing of leaves and influx of pumpkin accents this month, you might be wondering what you should be doing to prepare your business for the upcoming busy season. Do you need to add a cornucopia of offerings to your site, or should you share a leaf emoji on each new social post?

So You’ve Started Your Blog, Now How to Optimize It?

There are a few good reasons to start a blog, and if you’re a business owner, it’s likely that one of the main reasons you’ve started a blog is to optimize your website to rank in search results and otherwise increase views. At this point, you may be wondering how exactly to do that.

How Do I Get Inbound Traffic Through A Blog?

You may have heard of inbound links or backlinks and wondered what they were, why they are important, or how to get them. Or maybe you are interested in inbound traffic or SEO, but you aren’t sure where a blog can play into your overall strategy.