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As you notice the steady changing of leaves and influx of pumpkin accents this month, you might be wondering what you should be doing to prepare your business for the upcoming busy season. Do you need to add a cornucopia of offerings to your site, or should you share a leaf emoji on each new social post?

Likely not, however you should take a moment to plan for the fall, so you can benefit from the natural cycle of themes, sales, and buzz that the upcoming holidays and weather change creates.

Clean Up Your Website

It’s likely that you created summer specials, showcased a summer-specific line, or otherwise edited your website for the warmer months. Now is a great time to check in with all of your inventory, update any photos, and generally tighten your website and blog to ensure that it is optimized and on-theme with the coming seasons.

When it gets cold, folks have an extra reason to shop online, so it is extra important to make sure that everything on your site is up to date.


Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, spending time volunteering in the community, or donating part of your proceeds to a local organization, fall is the time for reflecting on your local environment, and plugging in. Think about who’s in your network, and how you might best work together this fall.

If you decide to co-host an event or fundraiser, be sure to take advantage of cross-promotion opportunities, such as engaging in a blog-swap, so you can grow your inbound links and make the most of your collaboration. 

Focus on Social

Spend some time right now to create a buzz about your business, so that when the time comes for holiday shopping and family time, you’re who everyone thinks of first.

If you would like assistance in planning a special social campaign, or if you’d like to learn more about how to utilize those jack-o-lantern and Santa Claus emojis, reach out to us for a consultation.

Prep Your Holiday Deals

Think ahead…

Do you plan on running fall, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or holiday Sales? Make sure you have the inventory—and employees or time—to cover the extra sales.

And don’t let your deals slip under the radar. Be sure to have a detailed marketing plan so that your current audience as well as first-time customers are eager to shop your great deals. 

If you want to enjoy your Pumpkin Spice lattes without all of these marketing thoughts on your mind, take a look at our list of services and contact us today—we’ll have your fall marketing plan set up in no time!