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Whether you’re seasoned at video creation or a small business owner looking into video creation as a potential way to highlight an upcoming sale, creating a new video can seem a little daunting. To give you some fresh perspective on video creation that prompts casual observers to become customers, we’ve created this list of tips. 

1. Don’t overthink the process

This is especially true if you’re creating a Facebook Live Video or Instagram Live Stories—videos are most compelling when they are authentic, and there are few social media functions more authentic than going live. If you overthink it, it will be harder for you to authentically represent your brand, missing the important opportunity to connect with your potential customers on a personal level. 

If you’re not particularly comfortable in front of the camera, you may want to try some warmup exercises—pump yourself up with a favorite song or self-affirmations—or start your video off with a joke or other lighthearted content. If you’re not speaking in the video, practice whatever you are doing ahead of time so you feel comfortable doing it in front of the camera. (If you’re speaking in the video, practice a few times, but don’t obsess over making every second perfect!)

2. Speak to one person

Everyone likes to feel special and your followers are no different. When you’re speaking into the camera, don’t imagine your audience as everyone on Facebook. Instead speak to the individual person with whom you want your message to hit home. Everyone watching will get the sense you’re speaking directly to them, which works out for everyone. 

3. Follow the outline model

Whether you’re creating a video to be edited or taking the plunge and going live, find the balance between being over-committed to a script and unprepared for predictable variables. 

After all, you know your brand the best, so you’ll connect to the story you’re sharing in your most unique, passionate way when you aren’t trying to read off your detailed notes. But you also want to make sure you’re not rambling past your time limit or getting completely off-track when folks decide to comment on your live video. 

So determine what you will worry about and what you’ll ignore beforehand. Maybe you need a huge clock running behind your screen, and maybe you need a few index cards reminding you to share the call to action that the video is all about in the first place. Be sure to decide whether your interaction with live video comments will be counted towards your planned video length and whether you’ll live-react to them, save them for the end, or totally ignore them. Make sure your camera actually works and focus on a main idea. 

Just don’t sweat the super small stuff—if you forget a minor talking point or address your ideas out of order in your live video, no one will notice. If you make a huge mistake in your pre-taped video, edit it out.  Your viewers will see you and your business as approachable and friendly as long as you approach them with sincerity and confidence.  

If you’re staring at your screen still feeling stuck and would love video creation advice or more tips, reach out to us at Monkey VA for a consultation!