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Independence Day is the American holiday: 86% of Americans plan on celebrating Independence Day, and they spend $6.7 Billion on 4th of July food alone! Many businesses are reopening, but most customers are staying safe and relying on the Internet as much as they can. If you want to capitalize on the holiday, you need to make sure your marketing brings the patriotism. 

Here are some tips to help you promote upcoming sales for Independence Day.

Keep it Simple but Bold

Make a list of the common topics related to the 4th of July: fireworks, the American flag, the Declaration of Independence, BBQ, and so on. Find two or three topics that you think work best with your business and think of ways you can use them in your marketing.

You do not need to go overboard with your Independence Day imagery. The 4th of July is already a big, bold holiday, so you can keep things simple. Some consistent red, white, and blue in your emails will go a long way. A general theme like “presidents” can produce a wide variety of content without being too complicated. Consider posting what a different Founding Father would get at your sale each day for a week before the 4th. 

You don’t need too much to make your marketing feel all-American. Cluttering your emails with tons of bald eagles, flags, and the entire text of the Constitution will be confusing and might feel disingenuous. Uncomplicated 4th of July themes show that your business is run by real people who are excited about the holiday.

The “simple but bold” rule also applies to your prices. Keep the information about your sale consistent. Stick to one big, bold message: “Up to 20% off!”, “Buy one get one free!”, “$10 off select products!” For a bit of extra patriotism, consider marking select products down to $17.76! When you keep your message clear and consistent, you will grab the customer’s attention, and they will remember your sale. 

Use Clever Coupon Codes

Clever coupon codes for your eCommerce can be fun, and it is a subtle way to show that you put some thought into your sale. Creating codes like “HAPPY4TH” or “FIREWORKS” shows that you went the extra mile to promote the holiday. Sending out coupons in newsletters is a great way to get more people looking at your business.

When buyers receive a coupon in their inbox they feel like they are receiving a personal gift. If a coupon is only good up through the holiday, that’s an extra incentive to use it quickly. Consider sending out coupons a few days before your big sale, that way you will get customers purchasing from you while advertising for the 4th of July at the same time. That clever code will serve as one more reminder that Independence Day is coming up, and you will have some excellent prices at the ready.

Show Off Some Historical Knowledge

Independence Day is an important historical event for America. There are a lot of interesting historical facts about the 4th of July and the founding of the United States. Consider creating a list of ten fascinating facts about Independence Day, then put it on your blog or send it out on your mailing list. 

You can also have some daily trivia on your social media for the week leading up to the 4th of July. Post a new fact each on Facebook and Twitter. You can use Instagram Stories to create quizzes and encourage people to test their historical knowledge. If you want to try something even more interactive, you can incorporate a quiz into a giveaway contest: only people who answer all the questions correctly will enter to win.

Customers will find trivia fun and interactive, and it won’t feel as invasive as being bombarded with branding. Be sure to feature a simple call to action at the end to remind them about your sale once they have finished reading about history.

Keep Your Customers Informed

COVID-19 is still a big issue for people- customers and businesses alike. Many cities have different regulations: you might have to adjust your hours or limit the number of customers you can have in your establishment at one time. It is important to make sure that you provide consistent information in your social media and email campaigns to make sure your customers benefit from your holiday sale. Feature your operating hours prominently. If you have a webpage about your COVID-19 protocols, link to that as well. Keep your customers up to date as you advertise and you will avoid losing sales due to bad information.

Make sure to pay attention to your city and state guidelines: inform customers if they will be required to wear masks if they attend a sale in-person. If you suspect you will need to change your business’s operations by July, commit to making those changes early on. Making plans ahead of time and informing your customers is always better than making changes at the last minute. Keep your updates clear, concise, and easily accessible.

Summertime is already a great time for sales: people are excited to go be outside and browse downtown. The 4th of July is the perfect time to reach a summertime audience. Tying your brand to Independence Day is fun, colorful, and engaging. It tells your audience that you are also excited about the holiday. By using these tips, you can build interest in your upcoming sales and get the most out of the holiday.

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