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You might not realize just who you know—Reach out to your immediate network, and watch it grow.

Many people focus 100% of their digital marketing efforts on getting greater “organic” searches or reaching the full span of their target market…

While those things are important, it is also incredibly important to tap into your personal network and grow in your personal branding.

Not only does this give people in your life a chance to support and encourage your business efforts, but it also brings momentum to your strategic marketing efforts!

As we’re now all too familiar with, today’s social platforms rely on algorithms to get their content in front of faces, so no matter what content you’re posting, or where, engagement matters. There are no guarantees, so the more people you’re able to get to support your brand from a personal level, the better.

Here are some simple ways to enhance your personal brand and build your business in the process!

How to Use Your Network

1) Post high-quality and trendy content to your personal page

The more people engage with your personal page, the more likely your content will show up across newsfeeds. Make the algorithm work for you.

If you can build the following and engagement of your personal brand page by simply sharing content you truly find funny or interesting, the more audience members you’ll have when you occasionally cross-promote your business.

2) Share your personal life

Hiking, baking, reading… whatever it is you love to do, share it with people in your world. Tell them why it’s important to you and even encourage engagement by saying things like, “I’d love to hear what book you’re reading now!”

If a broader span of your network feels a connection to you from your personal branding and posts they’re more likely to support your more promotional business posts.

A friend of mine, Kevin Jacobs, says he aims to do something every single day that feels worthy of sharing on Facebook and Instagram. People love his daily updates and truly support him when he promotes his workplace and business.

Who you know; two people's arms across a table, each holding a coffee cup

3) Message with context before inviting people to your business social pages

Rather than blindly inviting everyone in your network to like your business’ social page or Facebook group, send a brief message giving context for the invitation and tell them exactly what content to expect from the page/group.

Additionally, make it clear that you appreciate their “Like” or “social engagement” as it is a great show of support for you and your business.

Small business owners are often hesitant to bring their business marketing into their personal social accounts for fear of “spamming” their friends and family.

That’s why quality content is so important. Don’t offer fluffy self-promotion, but rather send them inspiration, resources, or unique content to catch their eye and build your personal brand.

It Really Is About Who You Know

It’s easy to hear the old adage “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and think that because you don’t personally know major players in your industry, or a famous person, or a generous venture-capitalist, success is beyond your reach. But your personal network matters, regardless who is in it.

They might know your next big collaborator, or they might become your #1 fan, sharing your social pages far and wide with their own network. Who you know is who you know—don’t be afraid to tap in.