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We all love free advertising, and the holy grail of free advertising is Facebook Live. Depending on your reach hundreds or thousands could tune in to your video and listen to what you are promoting. Camera shy? If the words, free advertising, do not encourage you to jump right in front of a camera then let us convince you. 

Facebook is ultimately where a large number of your customer market is. The demographics range in age, race, and gender, allowing your business to reach all types of people that you might not reach in other types of marketing. Wait, free marketing to a large audience? Oh, and did we mention the word free again? Facebook Live is where it is at, and you probably want to focus some creative energy there, if you are not already. 

Unsure of what to go live about? I think you will be surprised that what you find mundane in your everyday realtor life can be pretty exciting to everyone else.

Sneek Peeks of Showings

Have a showing that is in a fantastic location or has a kitchen to die for? Go Live on Facebook. Show your following just how amazing your new, or old, listing is. Give the reasons why you love the house and provide instructions on how to contact you if they love it as much as you.

Virtual Showings

Want to skip the sneak peak and go straight for the goods? Showcase the entire home in a Facebook Live. Take your followers on a tour just like you would for a client physically there with you. Make sure before you go live to plan out the walk through, so it is seamless, and for bonus points have someone film it for you. That way all you need to do is concentrate on showing the home instead of being a videographer.

Master Classes

Offer lives for people who want to learn more about the real estate world. You could host a poll on your page a few days prior to ask what people want to learn about, or you can just share something that you think is beneficial or educational.

Personal Life

Part of getting people on board with your brand is letting them into your life in an authentic way. You can choose to go as personal as you want when it comes to sharing bits about your life, but sharing something is better than nothing. You can go as personal as introducing your family or keep it more broad and share something like your favorite books. Consider completing a day in the life video as well. This live would show people your everyday routine and give them a little more insight into your life.

Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes to know what goes on beyond that sold sign, so share it. A high majority of reality TV shows are based on the premise that we like to know what goes on in the shadows. It is a real point of interest for people, so use it for your own gain.

Showcase Local Businesses

Show off your favorite places around your real estate area. Help people see why where you are selling is the best place to be. You want to create an image for potential buyers in the area what they would be experiencing if they lived there. 

Going Live and being behind the camera is nothing to be afraid of. Thousands of people go live every single day, so make sure your lives count. Plan out content that people will want to watch and make sure you maintain a professional attitude and appearance along the way. 

If you ever get stuck on what you should go live about just refer back to this list, because it is sure to get your brain rolling. Or if you are still camera shy and would love to chat about some more specific ideas for your business contact Monkey VA today and we can help you navigate the Facebook Live world.