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Email marketing can be a very effective tool for businesses to reach out to current and potential customers. It can provide your company with new customers, earned media value, and much more. A great way your business can utilize the full potential of email marketing is by sending out a weekly newsletter. Although weekly newsletters seem pretty simple they take some fine tuning to make them as effective as they can be. Here are some tips to help you grab the attention of your users!

Timing Trends

The most important aspect of creating a successful newsletter is choosing the right time and day to send it out to your customers. Luckily for you we have found the research so you don’t have to worry about it. Many studies have found that the best day to send out weekly newsletters is Tuesday. If you send out a bi-weekly newsletter you should send your second email on Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday are the optimal days to send out emails because they have the highest open rates. This is important because it means your customers are more likely to read through your newsletter on these days! 

Choosing the time of day to send your email is just as important as the day of the week. The time of day with the highest open rates is 10 a.m. The subsequent best times are 8 p.m., 2p.m., and 6 a.m. This is obviously a very wide range of times so the next step is to test which one works best for your company!

Catering to your Audience

Although these general timing trends are very helpful for initial guidance the only way to find the time that works best for your weekly newsletter is by testing it with your specific audience. Each company has their own niche and this comes with a niche audience. Each audience is going to have different schedules and this will alter the “prime time” for your newsletter. The best way to find your prime time is to complete email analytics to find when your audience is opening your emails the most. Google provides an awesome free email analytics tracking that you can learn how to set up here. This is an easy way to find the best time to reach your key audience!

Email marketing can be a beneficial addition to your company’s marketing repertoire. The key to a successful weekly newsletter is to perfect your timing and cater it to your specific audience. With timing trends and studying your analytic trends your company now has the tools to implement a weekly newsletter into your marketing campaigns! 

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