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Facebook is the biggest social media platform for advertising your business right now. However, the one downside is that you cannot interact with your target audience directly with Facebook ads. Unlike email marketing, social media is indirect: you have to rely on customers seeing ads as they scroll. With MobileMonkey you can ensure your marketing engages your target audience directly on Facebook!

What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey is a marketing solution that utilizes Facebook Messenger and chatbots. If you are not familiar with chatbots, don’t worry, they aren’t that hard to understand. Chatbots are programs that automate customer interaction on webpages. That means you can have a computer program ready to answer questions and direct customers to the information they need 24/7.

MobileMonkey uses chatbots to make your Facebook marketing more interactive. Most social media users will be used to seeing ads while scrolling, but with MobileMonkey you can add a personal dynamic by messaging customers directly. Two fantastic features you’ll want to make use of are Chat blasting and Facebook-to-Messenger ads.

Chat Blasting

Chat blasting is just like old-fashioned email marketing, but it uses Facebook Messenger instead. It allows you to create automated, targeted messages that link to your website directly through Facebook Messenger. Anytime someone messages your Facebook page, they are added as a contact that you can include in a chat blast! This offers a unique and direct way to reach your target audience, and it has an average 70-80% engagement rate.

Effective chat blasting builds on the curiosity of the viewer and emphasizes key aspects of your brand that are targeted to their demographic. MobileMonkey lets you build several “audiences” where you can select which contacts receive your chat blasts. You can use chat blasts to promote new products, prices, or coupons. You can also use chat blasts to send reminders about events, updates, or general information about your business and current events. 

When sending out chat blasts, you’ll always want to offer an unsubscribe option as well. It’s better to let customers know that they have the option to opt-out of messages in the future, and it will ensure you don’t have high block rates. Unsubscribe options are built into MobileMonkey’s chat blast, so it’s easy to set up.

Facebook-to-Messenger Ads

Facebook has several different ad objectives you can use to orient your marketing. Some of the most important objectives for businesses are traffic and engagement. Traffic is oriented towards sending users to a URL of your choice. This might be your business’s homepage, a blog, or an app. Engagement is about building likes, comments, shares, and convincing users to claim offers from your page. However, Facebook ads can be expensive, and the return on website traffic or leads can be disappointing. MobileMonkey’s Facebook-to-Messenger ads are there to make your Facebook advertising engaging and mobile-friendly with a 100% conversion rate.

With Facebook-to-Messenger ads, you send customers directly to a chatbot in the Messenger App whenever they click on one of your advertisements. This allows them to engage directly with your chatbot to ask questions and get directed to the information they want. With MobileMonkey messenger ads you can integrate your ad data to your messenger funnel. This means you’ll retain 100% of the contact information from any interactions with your ads. By teaming up Facebook-to-Messenger ads with chat blasting, you will have a lead-generating machine ready to boost your engagement like never before.

Final Thoughts

These are only a couple of the unique features that MobileMonkey offers. Social media marketing is essential for reaching new customers, but you will want to be ahead of the competition. MobileMonkey’s features like chat blast and Facebook-to-Messenger ads will allow you to engage directly with users and acquire new leads with ease. The automated chatbots will save you time and ensure you get to focus on your marketing strategy.

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