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You have put in a countless amount of time and effort into your website. You have made sure to utilize backlinks and keep your SEO high, but one the most important part of any website that could be overlooked? Your landing pages. Without killer landing pages, you will have a harder time with conversion and understanding the effectiveness of your marketing. But seriously, what is a landing page?

While the term landing page may seem pretty self-explanatory, a lot goes into having a successful landing page. A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture information from people visiting your website through a lead-capture form. Creating landing pages allows you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while also collecting information about who they are and what they have been converted on.

You can use a landing page in an email promotion about the latest product you are offering. “Through this email, only you can receive 25% off your purchase”, and from the link, people click on your email, they are taken to the landing site. There should be no limit on the number of landing pages you can have per website. As long as they are relevant and link back to something pertaining to you or your brand, a product or service you offer, then they should be welcomed on your site. 

So now that you know and understand the importance of having a landing page now you must be interested to know what goes into having a good landing page. We are glad you asked.

1. Have an Intriguing Headline

Draw people into what you are trying to show or sell them with a headline they cannot resist. All you need is to draw enough intrigue that people are left wanting more, for example, “Five Product the Busy Mom Cannot Live Without”. If you are a busy mom or know a busy mom now you want to check out the five products that you cannot live without.

2. Always Include a Call to Action

Reminding the potential customer what they should do on the landing page is essential to your conversion. A call to action could include “purchase now”, “call today”, or “set up your free consultation”. A good call to action reminds the consumer why they are on your site in the first place and what they should do on your site.

3. Create Enticing Graphics

Do not overwhelm people with a lot of text, color, or graphics but instead keep it clean. The eye should go to exactly what you are promoting and then swiftly to the call to action area. Create a color scheme that goes well together and is not too overwhelming and keep the graphics clean and relevant.

4. Develop Clean Copy

Just like the graphics, the copy should be clear and concise. You want to make sure to intrigue people enough to read your copy but not immediately hit the landing page and exit out due to a high amount of text. A small description of your offer or what you want people to do on your landing page is appropriate. Remember this is a millisecond to convince people they want what you have to offer so keep it clean.

5. Do Not Forget the Contact Form

A contact form is one of the most important parts of your landing page. The contact form encourages people to give you their email address to sign up for future news and offers. You might feel enticed to ask other information about the consumer as well, and you are more than welcome, but make sure to keep the form short so you do not lose people’s interest.

6. Make Sure You Are Mobile Compatible

It is inevitable that someone will click your offer and look at it on their mobile device. You want to make sure your landing page is built for any type of device trying to check out your offer. Take the extra time to make sure it is right because that is the main way you are getting traffic.

7. Keep it Simple

All of these tips have to lead to the seventh and final tip, keep it simple. Do not deter people from your landing page with obnoxious graphics, fonts, or color schemes and make sure your text is an appropriate length that creates intrigue. When you step back from your landing page you should be able to understand the goal of the page just by glancing at it. 

Landing pages are essential to every website to create conversion and market towards a specific audience. It also allows you to create a highly targeted email list, based on people’s interests and creates a higher conversion rate. 

While landing pages can seem like overwhelming and confusing tasks, we here at Monkey VA can help you bring all those landing pages to life. Reach out today to ask how we can help you!