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You may not be the first realtor to ever venture into the world of social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be more effective than your competition.

1. Be Active on Social Media

Maybe you created a Facebook page for your business a few years ago and haven’t really posted on it since. Or maybe you only pop onto Instagram when you need to share about an upcoming open house. It’s time to rethink your approach. 

The most important step in setting your business apart is by being dependable on social media—not only will this help ensure that your posts will actually be seen by all of your followers, but it also keeps you in their mind as a relevant resource. And it’s an easy way to quickly grow followers and set yourself apart from your competition, as most of them likely haven’t visited their accounts in months, either.

2. Don’t Over-Rely on Listing Posts

While it may be your instinct to flood your followers’ feeds with fancy professional photos of your latest listings, with all the mandated logos attached as required by your licensing, the fact is, listings should be only one component of a robust social profile. 

Authenticity is an important component of growing your social presence and building a well-received reputation online. The more often you can post content that feels authentic and one-on-one, whether that is an office selfie or a less polished image from a current project, the more balanced yor feed will be, and the more engaged your audience is likely to become.

3. Be A Genuine Resource

That article you just read about an important fluctuation in the local market? Don’t keep it to yourself. A great way to build trust, and stand out from your competition by being genuinely client-first, is to share free resources that provide real value to your followers.

4. Ask Your Followers For Input

Wondering how to increase engagement and continue growing your client-first reputation? Remember to periodically consult your followers. If there are simple tasks that require—or could benefit from—customer feedback, such as what to name your upcoming event, what resources to add to your website, or a simple “what do you all prefer, condos or single-family homes?”, give your followers the opportunity to comment and respond to polls.

5. When In Doubt Get Local With It

Whether you’re sponsoring a giveaway with a local business or posting a list of must-try local restaurants, show potential clients how plugged in you really are to the local community. Ways to do this are virtually limitless, as you can make a habit of tagging local businesses when you share related images, you can set up an interview series with local shop owners, or anything in between. Regardless which creative direction you take with this idea, make it a monthly, or even weekly, habit to build up the local community on your social accounts. 

Think of your social media presence like a perpetual open house for your business—and remember that some folks will always be interested in the closets or sprinkler system. The details are just as important as the main event!

If you’re ready to get started with a social presence overhaul, schedule a call with us at Monkey VA! We can’t wait to work together to set you apart from the competition.