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Going paperless for your business documents means — thankfully — you no longer have to lug around a heavy briefcase or fit unwieldy filing cabinets in your office. But it doesn’t mean you should do away with a filing system completely. Instead, invest in a digital filing system that can not only keep all your important documents a keystroke away, but that may also drastically increase efficiency and productivity for your business. 

Simplified Document Management


The digital equivalent of a highly organized filing cabinet, OneHub is a great solution if you’re simply looking to store and organize all of your documents online. With drag-and-drop uploading, color-coding, share and collaboration options, and a numerical indexing system, OneHub allows you to create a digital archive with maximal searchability. 

Cost: OneHub begins at $15 per user per month and has a 14-day trial option. 

For More Than Document Management


More than a simple filing system, DocuWare allows you to run all the details of your business — including invoicing and workflow management — from the cloud. Its features include document archiving, sales and marketing, and more, with the purpose of allowing you to automate tasks that you’ve been doing manually or on paper. This solution is most useful if you have employees and a lot of details to manage. 

Cost: While DocuWare’s cost is not published on its site, it has been cited at $300 per month for a small business with 20GB storage. 


The aim of eFileCabinet’s software is to make your document storage, and in turn the entirety of your business function, more efficient and at a higher level of safety. Their platform includes technology like smart automation, which can automatically file saved documents based on the contents of your files. Designed to aid remote work, there are additional features that integrate workflow across your daily processes. 

Cost: While eFileCabinet’s cost is not published on its site, it has been cited as starting at $15 per month

Microsoft SharePoint

Providing a cloud storage system for your documents and enabling editing and team collaboration in the cloud, Microsoft SharePoint allows you to customize the way you communicate with your team. Everything you’re working on, and everyone you’re working with, can contribute to and search within your digital hub, saving you time and making remote work as collaborative as an office.  

Cost: $5 per user per month grants access to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Lists. A $10 per user per month subscription also includes unlimited storage, and a $20 per user per month subscription, intended for enterprise, also includes Microsoft Office applications and additional services

For Creative Businesses


If you run a creative business and your documents consist primarily of large files – like photos or videos – Hightail is a document management service created with you in mind. As with most other digital filing solutions, it streamlines collaboration and prioritizes file security, but it prioritizes a large storage capacity so that you can easily manage your work in the cloud. 

Cost: There is a free Lite version with up to 2GB storage, but if you’re storing photos that limit will go quickly. Paid options range from $12-$36 per month, with increased storage capacity as the price increases.

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