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As you start your journey as a blogger, it is important to know and follow some basic guidelines. Whether you have a personal or business blog, in order to succeed you must provide high quality content to your readers. You need to know your audience and what they want to hear about.

To start, ask yourself the reason you blog

What’s your goal when creating a blog content? Most likely, you’re looking for some type of conversion. When writing a blog article, you’re trying to present yourself as an expert. Your goal should be presenting quality content to your customers and potential customers.

Set your goals

You won’t be able to achieve much if you’re not clear on what your goal is. Did you start your blog to share a life journey? Do you want to create an online presence for your business branding? What is the purpose of your blog? The answers to all these questions will determine the type of content you need to create and also the social media platforms that will work to your benefit.

Find your niche

After defining your goals, you need to determine who would be interested in your content. Then, create a content that is useful to your audience. You must know who you’re targeting and why.


Develop your brand to catch your readers’ eyes. Details are important. The colors you choose as well as your design and colors will become your online identity. Think it through thoroughly and ‘wear’ it whenever you’re presenting your business.


As part of your business strategy, you need to decide the frequency of your posts and maintain consistency. Your audience will expect to hear from you from time to time. Consider creating an Editorial Calendar to complement your strategy. Make yourself accountable to dates and content, and stay focused and on task.


If you have collaborators, make sure they are able to deliver the same quality content that you would create yourself. Choose someone who is qualified to write authorative content in your industry.

Read on to find some additional tips to capture your audience’s attention and enhance your online presence.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of social media. 
  • Make sure you promote your blog online as well as offline. 
  • Don’t just copy and paste. Make sure your post is unique for each social platform you decide to use. You will have a better chance to succeed if you target your content to each unique social media community.
  • Consider content quality in opposite to frequency. Too many irrelevant posts can hurt you rather than help you.
  • Add some ‘life’  to your posts. Pictures and videos can be great tools to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Come up with a captive and catchy headline.
  • Refrain from lengthy posts on social media.
  • If you leading your reader to a third-part website, use a hyperlink instead of ‘click here’ 
  • Avoid clutter on your sidebar.
  • Choose clear and easily readable font style and background.
  • Make sure to categorize your content.
  • Start crafting your post a week in advance.
  • Schedule a quiet time to write your blog article. Use your calendar to ensure you block this time off.
  • Consider including relevant links, as well as brands and names. 
  • Be cautions and avoid plagiarism

About Posting on LinkedIn

When using a professional social platform such as LinkedIn, remember that this is a highly professional platform and whatever you publish there will be linked to your branding. Make sure your content is relevant to your business and will add perception to your audience. Remember, this platform is mainly for individual professional profiles. Still, companies can encourage these employees to become social media proficient and brand ambassadors and therefore represent and promote a company brand. 

When promoting your blog on LinkedIn is important to remember that the platform is not intended for building personal community but for serving other LinkedIn users. Consider how your post can help these users. Your business blog should be about your business, the value of your branding and how you’re qualified to represent your customers.

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