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An end-of-year recap newsletter gives you the chance to make it about the audience, leave them wanting more, and count down to a powerful CTA.

The New Year’s Resolution is a time-honored tradition, and it’s important to build resolutions for your business as well as for your personal life.

When you start looking towards the New Year, you should also take an opportunity to look back and reflect on this year: How did it go for your business? What unexpected challenges did you face? What were some positive experiences you shared with clients?

There’s no reason to keep your reflections and resolutions to yourself—share them with your newsletter subscribers with an end-of-year recap! Sharing your thoughts on the year and your plans for the future allows you to connect with your audience, show off how your business has worked to help them, and let them know what they can look forward to next year.

What Your End-of-Year Recap Does For You And Your Readers

It’s About the Audience

When you send out an end-of-year recap, you’re reminding your readers about how much they did this year. Of course, you want to bring up what your business has accomplished, but remember that your business’s successes—from sales, to charity giveaways, to public events—rely on the participation of your audience.

When you say, “we had one of our most successful holiday sales ever this year!” remember to add, “and it’s all because of loyal customers like you!” When you involve your audience in your successes, you build a sense of trust and appreciation.

Allowing clients to remember their contribution to your success not only shows your gratitude but rewards client loyalty and encourages clients to keep working with you into the new year.

Leave Them Wanting More

Your end-of-year recap doesn’t need to go into every detail, and in fact, it probably shouldn’t! Sending out a final reflection is an excellent opportunity to bring users to your website, blog posts, contact page, or online storefront.

Simple, concise statements about what you’ve accomplished—“we released a brand new line of products,” “we had a very successful fundraising dinner”—can link to those new products or your blog post on what you accomplished at your fundraising dinner! You can even write a more in-depth end-of-year reflection, featuring statistics, personal resolutions from you and your team, and other details, linked at the end of your newsletter.

Giving your audience a summary, but hinting that there’s more, is an excellent way to keep users interacting with your content while keeping them informed.

The Final Countdown

Just because the year is coming to a close doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a final call to action! Plan for a New Year’s Eve Flash Sale or offer an exclusive 10% off coupon to Newsletter subscribers and encourage them to take advantage of those low prices before the Times Square Ball Drop is over!

Ending your end-of-year recap on a strong call to action encourages your audience to engage with your content and perhaps contribute to some final sales at the end of your fourth quarter. Newsletter-exclusive deals are an opportunity to reward subscribers and keep them invested in checking your emails regularly.

A flash sale or end-of-year coupon is a fun way to wrap up the year and adds just a bit of urgency: nobody wants to miss out on a great New Year’s opportunity!

Keep Your Promises Year-Round

Your newsletter is an essential tool in your marketing campaign, and it will keep your audience invested in your online content, your public events, and your sales. When the year closes, you want to make sure that you have a loyal customer base that’s ready to come back next year. Feel free to highlight a resolution dedicated to your audience in your end-of-year recap email, something like: “We resolve to assist more customers than ever before: customers like you!”