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A brand ambassador is a spokesperson that can introduce product to their audience. They are the first to market an item to potential buyers.

They have a use of the product itself and can demonstrate how their lives are so much better because of said product. They make the product relatable and make potential buyers who make look up to said brand ambassadors and say “Wow, I want to be like them!”.

Forbes has an article called Building An Organization Of Brand Ambassadors that says “The best part of this strategy is that it is far less expensive than advertising. We operate open platforms for sharing points of view through blogs, articles, conference presentations or other professional forums.” This explains the importance of structuring a brand ambassador program for your business and the benefits it can have.

A brand ambassador uses their marketing skills to get people to want to buy the said product they are an ambassador for. They can use social media blog, post pictures, give video testimonials to make the customer want to buy a product they have never heard about before.

They are helpful because it is a much softer approach to reach a customer. Most likely the customer who is watching their social media already had a trust in the ambassador. They may like their fashion sense, what they stand for, or may feel that person is someone they aspire to be.

One great example to check out is Corissa Enneking who uses her IG to promote products for plus size women. She has beautiful lifestyle photography and a great perspective on products that can benefit women who are plus size.

How it can help you

Creating a brand ambassador program is a great way to get your name out to customers who may have never even heard of your product or your business before.

It’s also a more inviting way to allow clients come to you then you reaching out to them. A way to use brand ambassadors is to have them try out your product, write reviews, give them promo codes to share on their Instagram or Facebook and most important to allow their personality to shine.

They are the ones who break the ice with potential customers. They are showing their audience in a safe environment to look and see for themselves what this new product does and why it’s special without the pressure of buying!

It’s a soft opening that will allow the customer to feel safe secure and also special. Someone they look up to is showing them something they might one day love to!

In an article from Huffington post says “A lot of business is done on social… it bridges that gap when we can create that same relationship that we would on the golf course, we would at a happy hour, via these social tools.” This says that you are able to be network for your business socially without even leaving your house!