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Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, celebrated widely by most US citizens and with many businesses closing to partake in the festivities. While you might be looking forward to taking the day off and enjoying time with family and friends, don’t let the holiday pass by without giving thanks to your customers as well.

In this post, we’ll go through the importance of customer trust as well as a few ways to show your appreciation. 

Why Customer Appreciation Matters for Your Business

Firstly, customer appreciation matters because you want to retain customers, and they can bring their business elsewhere. Unfortunately, many business owners can get the impression that customers can be taken for granted, or that they should be forgotten once they’ve made a purchase. This kind of thinking stifles growth and won’t bring customers back.

Instead, it’s better to realize that customers are the resource that keeps your business growing. When you satisfy customers, check in with them, and value their time, they are more likely to draw in a wider audience and improve your sales.

Customers Are a Community

We live in an information-rich world. Most people have access to the Internet, they can find reviews, ask questions, and generally learn quite a bit before they even consider buying your products or services. While economics textbooks often talk about “consumers” as individuals, those individuals talk to each other when making decisions.

What’s more, most customers today are well aware that they are constantly being targeted by ads, and they don’t tend to think that advertising shows a lot of integrity. If products don’t live up to their expectations, or if they have a miserable experience with a business, they are more than capable of leaving a warning to other customers and bringing their money elsewhere.

Thinking of customers as a community—rather than as individuals who walk in, buy something, and leave—should guide you. Connecting with a community means building trust, listening to feedback, and continuing to engage with its members. When you thank your customers, you show a willingness to engage with this community, to hear what it has to say. In short, you give customers a reason to trust you and value your business as part of the community.

 A Meaningful “Thank You”

The most meaningful “Thank You” messages will be personalized and direct. That said, it’s okay to use a template if you have an extensive mailing list. Make sure that you are keeping your mailing list up-to-date. Using segmentation tools can make it easier to personalize templates based on preferences, purchases, and the last time the customer interacted with your business.

Even when using a template, your message should be heartfelt and relevant. Here’s a good example:

            Dear [CUSTOMER]

            We will be closing on Thanksgiving to take part in the holiday and give thanks to everyone and everything              that has made this year so special. This includes our customers whose patronage keeps us going.

           Thank you for supporting our business. We wish you a happy and thankful holiday from all of us at                       [COMPANY].


         _______________ [NAME AND OFFICIAL TITLE]

        _______________ [COMPANY NAME AND LOGO]

It’s also worth posting a public announcement of thanks (along with any updates about closing or changing hours on Thanksgiving) on your company’s social media. However, this doesn’t have to be as detailed or personal, a simple “Our business will be closed this Thanksgiving. Thank you to all our valued customers for their support this year. Happy Thanksgiving!” is fine.

Finally, while it is good to promote holiday sales during this period, you usually want to separate your “Thank You” messages from your “Savings” messages. Bringing up money can cheapen the experience of the thanks. That said, you can still send a special coupon or savings code to your mailing list in a separate email just after your statement of gratitude.

When you recognize that your customers are a community who deserve respect and recognition—a community that plays a big role in the growth of your business—then there’s no excuse to put off thanking your customers. A simple, authentic, and professional message of gratitude can make all the difference when a customer is considering whether or not to write a favorable review or refer a friend.

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