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If you’re a business owner running any online platforms or a virtual assistant helping clients succeed online, you’re no stranger to the time-wasting process of password sharing and constantly updated sign on credentials. While you’re interested in maintaining the security that those systems provide, it’s not worth your time to continue to wade through their complications without tools that will help maintain efficiency and security. 

Enter SSOs—single sign on systems. SSOs allow you to access all of your platforms securely, with a single login. These systems work by retrieving your various credentials from a server, and granting you access to each platform without actually sharing the existing username or password. With this tool, you can avoid the back and forth of login issues and help desk calls, always having access to everything you need without the worry of back-and-forth updates, overlapping usernames, and slight variations in passwords.

Maybe you’ve decided to try out an SSO. But which system is right for you? Here are a few of the top-rated options. 


Otka, which highlights its security benefits and customizable user experience as standout offerings, is recognized as a top SSO solution. It has 91% positive reviews on Gartner Peer Reviews, and has been praised for its customizability. This solution is cloud-based, so it may not pass all security requirements for some businesses. 

Ping Identity

When it comes to SSO, it’s all about integrations—if the system doesn’t work with your program, it’s not exactly a solution for you. Ping Identity touts 1,500+ integrations, including social media platforms, web servers, and anything in between.  This solution does have both cloud and on-premises options, so it passes many strict security requirements. 


OneLogin is the favored SSO for small businesses, as it is user-friendly and secure. If you need to quickly integrate a streamlined login process—without the need to develop detailed integrations—this is likely the solution for you. 


Idaptive is a high-rated SSO solution that touts “Infinite Apps,” so it can be integrated easily for all your specialized needs. The open-ended adaptability may contribute to a more complicated setup, but it has been praised for quick login and wide-ranging capabilities

If you already use an enterprise password management system like LastPass and are wondering if you should make the switch to single sign on, be sure to consider your security needs and the time you can spend on integrations. It may be the case that using both tools in conjunction is right for you, or you may decide to choose an SSO from our list to use on its own. 

Either way, if you are on the lookout for a team to help manage all those platforms that are now accessible with one login, contact us today! We look forward to assisting with all your digital marketing needs.