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Warmer weather approaches, which can only mean one thing: spring. The time of the year that is notorious for getting us in the “spring cleaning” spirit. While you might tackle your closet or garage one weekend, consider taking a weekday to get some “cleaning” done at work. But how can you possibly organize all your tasks, present and future, in only one day? The answer: Task delegation. Task delegation might be words that makes you cringe, or even makes you wonder what the point would be. Why delegate a task when I can just do it myself? Delegating can be an important way to set yourself up for success in your spring cleaning endeavors, but how do you figure out what tasks you should delegate?

Make A List Of Tasks

Go through your normal day. Everything that you do, write down. Do you have tasks that you dread or just take way too much time out of your day? Consider giving that task to someone else. Having someone else take the time to do the task right every day not only saves you time and energy, but can drastically reduce work stress. No longer do you have to worry about doing a task you dread every day because someone does it for you. 

You might have tasks that only happen once a week or once a month. Do those tasks need more of your direct attention? What can you do to reduce your stress on days where you have to dedicate all your time to one thing? Are there ways that someone could help you before that day to be more prepared? Are there ways that someone could help you the day of? Thinking of all of the tasks you do throughout the day/week/month allows you to create a complete list of everything you do.


What Now?

Now you have all of your tasks in front of you. From that list, you can see what tasks you could get rid of or minimize. Try to separate your tasks in what absolutely has to be done by you and what can be done by someone else. From there separate those tasks into what you enjoy doing and what you do not. If a task you do not enjoy doing is posting on social media every day then, you might find someone in your office who loves creating posts and being active on different social platforms. 

Just because you do not love doing a task does not mean that someone in your office will feel the same way. If all your tasks require your attention then think more about what part of a specific task you could delegate. If you need to do a write up of all the homes for sale in your area, you could delegate that task out to someone else, then review/fact check later.

When Do I Have the Time?

The most important question when delegating tasks: When? Most people do not like to delegate out tasks solely because it takes time and effort to ensure someone else understands how to complete the task. But think about the pros versus the cons. If you take the time to properly explain how the task needs to be completed then, odds are the task will be completed properly every time. 

When you skimp on the training, the work suffers. Not only does the work suffer but your employee will as well. How many times have you been given a task you had no idea to complete? How much stress did that add to your day? It might even be beneficial for you to create a schedule of training. The training will not be completed in a day but maybe over the course of a month. Taking the time to do it right will benefit you in the long run.

Why Should I Delegate?

Delegating tasks might seem like something that does not interest you or seems like a waste of time, but guaranteed after you write down everything you do in a month, you will be more than grateful to hand off a task to someone else. Delegating done properly might not benefit you right this second, but if you put in the time and work to complete it properly, delegating will benefit you in the months and years to come. 

Do not be afraid to add delegating to that spring cleaning list! If you need someone to delegate your tasks to reach out to Monkey VA today and ask about our virtual assistance packages. We would be more than happy to take some of your tasks off your plate.