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With the fast development of platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and AngiesList, public consumer feedback is becoming more valuable.  

Unfortunately, I always feel a little dread when I receive a request for a rating or testimonial. I’m happy to provide feedback (good or bad) but it requires energy and time that I simply don’t have.

I was determined to find a trick that would allow me to quickly write an honest, detailed, and compelling testimonial!

Writing a Testimonial

Rather than recounting an entire experience with a business, it’s much easiest to answer a few questions that cover the important aspects. This will help you keep your thoughts concise and to get the testimonial flowing.

The following questions are written in reference to Monkey VA team but can be modified for working with an individual, a company, or visiting a restaurant!

1. What solution or value did you intend to gain from working with Monkey VA?

        – Why did you work with Monkey VA?

        – For what services did you hire Monkey VA?

2. Were your expectations realized?

        – If yes, explain how your expectations were met or exceeded.

        – If no, explain how the company’s performance fell short, and what could be improved upon.

        – Did things go smoothly, as anticipated?

        – Were you pleased with the performance of Monkey VA?

        – Why or Why not?

3. What 3 words describe your experience with Monkey VA?

        – What are three other benefits of working with Monkey VA?

        – List 3 specific things you liked or disliked about Monkey VA.

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4. Would you recommend Monkey VA team to someone else?

        – If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with Monkey VA”, what would.               you tell them?

        – Why would you recommend Monkey VA to someone else?

After answering the above questions, it should be clear how Monkey VA impacted you, whether positively or negatively!

If you’re interested in getting more testimonials from your loyal customers, we’d be happy to help you plan a campaign with incentives, request plants, and marketing.  Contact us today to get started!

If you’re currently a client of Monkey VA, we would love your feedback!  You can write us a review on FacebookGoogle, or Yelp, of course.

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