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They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can buy you chocolate in the shape of a heart or a dozen red roses. With Valentine’s Day projected to be a $20.7 billion industry this year, with the average person spending $160, it is no surprise that taking the time to perfect your social could benefit you this Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day has evolved greatly throughout the past few years, with the holiday shifting from being a couple-focused day to celebrating all relationships. Last year over nine million people bought gifts for their pets to celebrate the special day. People not only celebrate their significant others but also spend the money to appreciate friends, family, their workplace, and, of course, their fur babies. 

Competition can be fierce for businesses this holiday and that is why it is important to stand out from your competitors. The main way to make that happen? Through slaying your social game. 

Unsure how to slay the social game? Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind this February 14th.

Stick to Your Niche

Every niche has something unique to tap into for Valentine’s Day because the day is so much more than flowers, chocolate, and stuffed animals. Even if you do not have a certain product to offer for Valentine’s Day, you can still market your business. A great post can create a buzz or traffic surrounding your brand. 

Sticking to your niche is important because it creates the overall theme for the message you want spread across your social. If you are a counseling center you might want to consider a more serious toned message about positive love and relationships, but if you are a roller rink you could go for a less serious tone. Making a joke about all the singles who will be rolling around your rink on Valentine’s could create buzz amongst singles in your area.

Celebrate All Types of Love

As we mentioned, Valentine’s Day is no longer strictly a couples’ holiday. Galentine’s Day, where girlfriends get together to celebrate, and Singles Awareness Day, you can guess this one, are two different markets to focus on in addition to, or instead of, your typical roses, chocolate, and PDA market. 

If you are a coffee shop, you could promote a Galentine’s Day special. Encourage that gals who bring their pals get B1G1 on all drink specials. Or a gym could promote Galentine’s Day by offering a free pass for any member who brings a gal pal with them. Pizza shops could focus more on Single’s Awareness Day by offering free home delivery or, a personal favorite, offering a heart-shaped pizza.

Host a Contest

Host a contest according to your previously identified niche. A more serious tone/niche might encourage a contest about writing a story about a positive love story, while a more fun/laid back niche might encourage a contest about tagging your favorite single pal or couple. 

The contest can take many different turns according to what audience you are trying to focus on. The idea is to create an idea that people will engage in and share on their social pages, encouraging other people to join in on.

Run Promotions

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year to run promotions to encourage people to purchase your product. There has been enough time for people to recover financially from the Holidays, and they are ready to see what new products you offer. Simple promotions about “do not forget your significant other”, or, “even your fur babies need love” and then offering a discount of some sort create incentives for people to buy. 

You can run promotions strictly through your social accounts or you can go all out and do paid promotion. Paid promotions on Valentine’s Day are guaranteed to create some traffic towards your site and product, but it all depends on whether your budget allows it. 

Slaying the social game on Valentine’s Day might seem intimidating, but after you decide who your audience is, you just need a little creativity and the post will do the talking for you. Need a little help with the social game? Reach out to Monkey VA today and we can help you out! 

From all of us at Monkey VA, we hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day. Whatever holiday you are celebrating we hope you eat some chocolate for us!