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When writing a blog, your goal is to build reputation, enhance your branding, and ultimately drive conversions. But how can you keep your visitors from leaving right after reading your article? What can you do to capture your potential customers’ interest in buying your services or products?

Knowing your audience and understanding its desire is the key to creating unique targeted content. Occasionally, you might want to write posts with conversion-focused content, in which your goal is to convert your reader into  revenue. But how?

The simple and obvious truth is: your potential customers won’t know what you want them to do until you ask them to do it! So, don’t be shy and put those CTAs to use.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a unique conversion-target content. Make sure the message is clear and leads to a direct link to a new landing page. Your ‘call-to-action’ should be obvious and intentional. No need to take an extra step to find your contact information or detailed information about the service/product you’re offering.
  • Have different CTAs throughout your target post. Since your goal is conversion, show your potential customers where to go and how to reach you. Make it easy to find you.
  • Make your case by showing your readers your expertise. They will likely hit that CTA if they are impressed with what you have to offer. Show favorable numbers, and successful results. Make sure to present yourself as an authority on the subject you’re writing about.

Whether you have a personal or business blog, your intention should be keeping your reader engaged and ultimately converting him/her into a client or follower. As you educate about your company, give them plenty of opportunities to call a direct action. Tell your potential customer the action you want them to take. Tell them exactly what to do.

In addition, make your About page stand out by feeding your potential conversion with rich details about your company and its accomplishments. Share successful stories and strategies. Be loyal and consistent to your branding. Be truthful and authentic – you want to portray the true ‘face’ of your company.

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