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Every business has its own set of rules: they might include “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” or “cash only,” or maybe “no outside beverages.” Rules are important and you want to make sure that your customers understand them when they do business with you. Right now, many businesses are adopting new rules to handle COVID-19. Some of these rules might be unique to your business, or they may be from state guidelines, but you should communicate to your customers that these rules will be followed- no ifs, ands, or buts. Here are some ways to keep your customers updated through social media.

Share Your Website’s COVID-19 and FAQ Pages

Having a single, consolidated resource to answer questions will help customers get the information they need. Make sure that your website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page responding to the most common questions. You can also create a COVID-19 specific page that covers information like mask requirements, limited indoor capacity, or pickup and delivery services. You can also link to resources provided by the National Institutes of Health for more general resources on how to stay safe.

Share your FAQ and/or COVID-19 page regularly, especially if you ever update it, or if state reopening plans change. Keep track of your local regulations and reopening guidelines and make sure that your webpages are appropriate. Make sure to emphasize that the customer is the highest priority: you have these rules to keep them safe.

Set Up Chatbots To Talk About the Rules

Chatbots are programs that can automate your social media messaging. This means that a program can talk to customers, answer their questions, and only redirect the messages to you if the questions are too specific for the chatbot to answer. Chatbots are useful because they can save you time and ensure you do not have to spend every moment looking out for new messages on Facebook.

Consider setting up custom chatbot functions to answer questions about your rules. You can have a chatbot offer several topics like “Hours,” “Products,” “COVID-19 Information” for customers to choose from. Alternatively, you can send a message on safety guidelines when a customer wants to visit your business in person. If they ask the chatbot about an upcoming sale, for example, you can have the chatbot return a message like “The sale starts on July 3rd with 20% off select products. Remember to wear a mask when you visit us!”

Chatbots convey information in a conversive and adaptive manner. Services like MobileMonkey offer many different Chatbot templates– find the one that works for your business to provide casual reminders about your expectations for customers.

Post About What Happens When You Don’t Follow the Rules

No matter how many times you share your guidelines there may still be one person who won’t follow them. Maybe someone just won’t bother doing the research, or maybe they will think that they don’t have to follow rules. In any case, you may need to tell someone that they need to follow your guidelines. You may even need to turn them away. If this happens, don’t be afraid to post a statement about it on your social media. You do not have to go into detail or shame the customer, but point out that your rules can be easily found online, and that you have the right to respond to customers who break those rules.

If you want to be a little less serious, you can create a fun video to show what will happen when a customer ignores the guidelines. Film yourself walking through your business and blatantly breaking all the rules. Show what will happen: will you get a warning from a manager? Will you be asked to leave right away? A positive, goofy video is fun, shareable content that clarifies your expectations.

It is important to show that you will enforce the rules that you set out. Setting a precedent lets customers know that you have fair standards and procedures to accompany your guidelines.

Your business should be respectful and courteous to your customers, and you should expect the same in return. Integrating your rules into your social media content saves time for customers, and it will keep your business safe. By using these tips, you can be sure that your clients will be aware of the expectations when they do business with you.  

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