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Managing a Facebook Business Page and unsure where to begin?  Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Curating Content

80 words is a good length to shoot for, but you can get as lengthy as 120 words

Boost engagement by ending your post with an exclamation mark or an actionable statement. Here are some quick tips for writing a call-to-action.

Posts should have positive sentiments- people want to be uplifted (or to share something uplifting) more often than they’ll appreciate something neutral or negative

Ask your audience a question to get more reader involvement

Any original video content should be uploaded to the Facebook page, not just shared with a youtube link (when possible)

Some posts might be better off with less information- leaving them intrigued. –Instead of “Our new SPF 50 product received the Environmental Experts award!”, try “Our newest product is winning awards- check it out!” Give them a reason to click the link!

After creating a few month’s worth of original content, make sure to recycle the content after some time has gone by! Here are some ideas to help you recycle your content.

2. Engaging

Engage with other Facebook pages as your Facebook Business page by using Pages Feed. Go to your Facebook Business Page and scroll down a bit- on the right-hand side, click “Pages Feed”. Engaging with (liking/commenting) posts in this feed can help draw traffic to your Facebook Business Page!

Make sure to regularly check notifications to see if there are any recent comments on your page posts that have not received a response. Make sure to like the neutral/rhetorical comments and respond with clarity and professionalism. In the unusual case there is a blatantly spammy or inappropriate comment, you can simply “Hide” or “Delete” the comment.

3. Analyzing your Results

Go to Facebook Business Page and click “Insights”.
     On the right hand side, click “Export Data”
     Date range: should be included in your assignment
     Data Type: “Post Data”
     File Format: “Excel .xls”
     Layout format: “All page post data”
     Export Data!

Review the data and highlight the rows with overall best performing top 3 posts in green, the worst 3 in red.

Review the content you have highlighted and ask yourself: What do successful posts have in common? What action do people usually take when they engage with the posts? What changes should be made to social strategies moving forward?

Screen Shot 2018 06 28 at 9.32.23 AM

If you notice that particular posts are performing well, it may be time to boost or run a Facebook Ad!  Click here to learn how to get started with Facebook Ads.  If your posts aren’t performing well and you find you need support with your Facebook Page, you can add an admin to your Facebook page to help you stay on top of the work!

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