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It’s no surprise that being computer savvy and creative are essential characteristics of a successful digital marketer. But those characteristics aren’t the whole picture—a digital marketer should also bring a set of specialized skills to the table which allow them to provide insight and value to each project they tackle. 

A digital marketer is responsible for creating, applying and managing campaigns with the goal of promoting a business and its services and/or products. They strive to enhance and promote brand awareness, create and grow online presence, drive traffic, and generate conversions. 

This may be straightforward, but the big questions are: Where does a prospective digital marketer find the right training and tools to becoming an efficient digital marketer? What does a business manager need to look for when hiring a digital marketing specialist to ensure they have the  necessary skills to accomplish these business goals?

What to Consider When Developing Digital Marketing Skills

If you’re looking to enhance your digital marketing skills, first reflect on the skills you already possess—then it’s just a matter of perfecting them and putting them to work on your behalf. 

For instance, being a good listener and fast deliverer are just as important as being an efficient social media manager. They will help you easily synthesize information and efficiently create a final product. As you can see, these ‘built in’  skills are necessary complements to your specialized skills. Together, they will lead you to becoming an effective digital marketer in whatever area you decide to pursue.

What you’ll notice is that a balance of interpersonal and specialized skills, as well as the desire and ability to fill a diverse group of roles, are important to the success of a digital marketer. There are so many resources, information, and products available in the digital world, and it is important that a digital marketer can navigate these with precision. 

When hiring a digital marketer, companies are looking for those who can bring solutions to their marketing challenges—a good mix of creativity, analytics, agility, and quality. 

A Digital Marketer’s Toolkit

Despite the likelihood that you will wear many hats and learn on the job, there are several skills that you should develop as you enhance your digital marketing expertise, or that you should look for in a candidate if you are hiring a digital marketer.

Social Media Paid Ad Expertise

It’s important to be comfortably familiar with creating social media ads as well as implementing and running analytics and insights. Facebook is one of the strongest social media platforms using paid ads. They offer their own Ad Certification called Blueprint

Hashtag Marketing Knowledge

Hashtags categorize information into topics, create engagement, and make posts discoverable on social media platforms. Understanding how to properly use them will give you the tools to make your brand present in relevant conversations as well as boost engagement. 

Basic Design Knowledge 

You are likely to be asked to create graphics to promote your clients business, manage and create events. 

Ability to Analyse Marketing Campaigns

Clients are looking for a ‘human touch’  when personalizing their strategies. Having the ability to analyse a campaign, generate reports, and bring new ideas to the table is an important skill to develop in this business. 

Sales Skills

Even though you might not be closing deals directly, you need to be able to engage with people and turn this interaction into sales opportunities.  


Don’t let your passion or personal opinions cloud your judgment. Focus on what works for your client. In addition, managing accounts on multiple social media platforms takes time. Don’t waste your time aimlessly scrolling down newsfeed. 

Marketing Channel Expertise

Choose a channel that works for you. Although you need to be well-informed and prepared to use any platform or area, your strategy will work better when you focus on a specific channel. For instance, you are or can become great on SEO or email.

It is important to consider that technology is constantly changing. To be successful in this business, you must keep your training up-to-date and be well informed about social media changes and happenings. Focus on what is relevant for your professional growth and success.

If you’re looking to explore the world of digital marketing and want to develop new skills, apply for an internship with us! If you already have a little experience but can’t wait for the opportunity to choose a specialty and practice all the skills you have already built, consider joining our team!