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Summer is here, with sunshine, shorts, T-shirts, and 100-degree temperatures! And, of course, your new 2021 Summer sale!

With school finished, and people excited to get outside, there’s a huge audience out there ready to learn more about your business. Here are seven tips to help you market an absolutely scorching summer sale!

7. Build Sales around Major Holidays

Everybody knows that holidays usually correspond with savings, and Summertime makes shopping fun, comfortable, and a nice excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather.

Independence Day, Labor Day, and Back-to-School preparations are all excellent opportunities for sales. Make sure to build up toward these holidays with clear deadlines—your audience won’t want to lose out on great deals when there’s a time limit.

6. Amp up the Fun!

The last couple of years have been very stressful for many people, and many of us have been looking forward to getting out of the house and having some fun.

Emphasize light-hearted, direct, and accessible messaging. Show how your products or services will help your audience relax and enjoy the Summertime.

5. Go Mobile

With so many people itching to get out of the house, now is the perfect time to target mobile devices. People will be on the go with their phones and tablets while checking the weather, posting fun pictures to Instagram, and making plans with friends. In fact, Facebook found that 92% of Summer conversions happen on mobile devices!

Make sure that your website and advertisements are properly formatted for mobile viewing. Mobile banner sizes can vary, with 320×480, 300×250, and 320×50 being the most common. Native ads, which appear in the content of the website, are often 320×480 or 300×400.

Get familiar with all the mobile ad formats; there are many to choose from!

4. Share Summertime Content on Your Blog

Creating regular content on your blog will help your website appear in more Google searches and produce more material for your audience to engage with.

Summer allows you to boost your SEO with a mixture of evergreen and fresh keywords. Evergreen keywords focus on content that never goes out of fashion—seasonal tips, beginners guides, and reviews are always popular, even if tailored to the current moment.

Fresh keywords are focused on specific events that are creating a short-term buzz. Think about the latest summer shows (anyone else checking out Lupin and Loki?), exciting news from your market, and new local attractions or events. By making relevant and accessible content with both types of keywords, you’ll boost your website’s relevancy and attract plenty of viewers.

3. Join in Local Events

Everybody looks forward to summer street fairs, festivals, and markets. (We’re certainly excited to hear that Treefort Music Fest is making a return here in Boise!) Setting up a stand at a local event, or having your storefront participate in a local event, makes you available to the community and can introduce new buyers to your store.

Make sure to advertise your website, social media, and your newsletter—QR codes and sign-up sheets work wonders, and you can easily direct people to more resources after having a conversation!

2. Build Your Mailing List with Summer Specials

Speaking of newsletters, your mailing list is so important we’re giving it an entry all its own!

You want to make sure that you’re in consistent contact with potential customers, not just participating in a summer fling! That means promoting your mailing list with subscription incentives.

Consider offering Summertime coupons for subscribers. You can also collaborate on gift card giveaways with other local businesses for summer treats (everybody loves ice cream)!

1. Enjoy Yourself!

Summer fun is for entrepreneurs, too! Taking time to relax and go outdoors will keep morale up and prevent burnout.

Enjoying the pleasures of the season can also help you build connections and open up opportunities. Start frequenting a local coffee shop for a refreshing drink, wear some branded company swag out on the town, shop at community markets. Becoming a recognizable figure in your community will also promote your business.

What’s more, summer fun is also an excellent opportunity for taking pictures to put on your website and newsletter! Catalogue your local adventures and put them on your social media to spread the summer joy!

With these seven tips, your sales are sure to be the latest summer blockbuster! Need some help managing your marketing strategy while still having time to enjoy the sunshine? Let us help!

Whether producing content, formatting your website, or managing your social media, we’re ready to promote your business while lightening your workload.  Schedule a call with Monkey VA today!