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It pays to creatively repurpose content; when you share resonant content from your blog in your newsletter, you’ve added value and saved time.

It takes a lot of energy to create and distribute genuine, quality content.

With so much competing content online, it’s crucial that you keep up with both quality and quantity. If you’re not quite ready to hire a social media manager, here’s a secret that will help you get by: Repurpose your content!!

Do you enjoy writing? Then start at the top of the list, reading 1-6, to learn how to creatively repurpose content from most complex to most simple! But if the thought of writing a blog post sends dread through your body, simply read the list from the bottom up, 6-1, which will take you through how to creatively repurpose content starting with easy first steps…

How to Creatively Repurpose Content

1. Blog Posts

If you’re a writer, a blog post is a great place to get started. Sit down and unleash your expertise! When you’ve written a few paragraphs, you’ve hit the content jackpot. Simply publish the content as a blog post, then take bits and pieces to create content in any of the following formats…

2. Newsletters

Sending out regular content through a newsletter will keep you relevant and present in your audience’s mind. Try for a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule: consistency builds trust!

If the idea of recurring deadlines feels overwhelming, just tweak your latest blog post to create the bulk of your newsletter. You can either include a summary of the ideas and a link to the blog post itself, or share a variation of the blog post text without linking to it.

Then add a bit more to your newsletters, such as a health tip or industry update, and your content will be ready for release!

3. E-book

Think of an e-book as a blog post with sections. While it may sound like a lot of text, formatting and section headers can help break the information up, making it more digestible for readers without you needing to write more content.

Person sips from coffee cup and reads text on an ereader device.

An ebook can be offered as a FREE resource to draw traffic or opt-ins. Don’t underestimate the power of a small FREE gift!

4. Webinars

Offer a webinar on a topic of your choice! Have a few talking points prepared and let the audience add to the conversation… they might just provide you with a bundle of great, new content! Be sure to record it so you can truly utilize the transcription.

5. Podcasts or video shorts

If you’re more of a talker than a writer, simply record a video or podcast episode chatting on a topic… when you get to talking, you’ll be surprised how much valuable information you can quickly share.

Guess what… that’s content ready to be used!

6. Social media posts

If writing is not your forte, simply start with a few sentences about a topic. Make it a complete thought, add a call to action and an image, and you’ve got a social media post!

If you can write a few social media posts on the same topic, you’re well on your way to creating any of the great content types above!

You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch

If you’ve read through our list of ways to creatively repurpose content but still feel stuck at Step 1, know that you’ve probably already taken it. Pull from your business plan, full of well-reasoned and clear descriptions of how you do what you do. Remember that email you wrote to a friend that describes a new offering you’re excited about. If you offer an eBook as a free gift, use its chapter titles to inspire your next month’s social media topics.

You already did the work, now go out there and make it work for you!