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Clueless about posting on Twitter? Don’t worry- you’re not alone! It’s hard to determine the value of a platform before trying it out yourself, and many folks don’t maintain a personal Twitter account.  If you’re interested in testing it out, these best practices can help you get great results “from the get-go!”

Tweet Images & Videos

Including multimedia is a crucial best practice when posting to any social platform, but especially Twitter! The first thing people typically see when scrolling through their feed are images and video thumbnails. Just text alone can be skipped over, especially when users are in that trance-like state of mindlessly scrolling. Having an interesting, eye-catching image isn’t just a best practice that can help your Twitter gain traction, but can grow your brand identity as well. Learn more about utilizing graphics in this blog post from Socially Sorted.

Be Intentional About Your Tweet Length

This best practice is easy. According to research cited in this Fast Company article, the perfect tweet length is 100 characters. The perfect hashtagging? Try 1 hashtag with 11-15 characters! Short, sweet and to the point is the key!

Sandwiched URL Placement

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Post Evergreen Quality

Unless you’re posting about trending topics or current events, try and post content that won’t quickly become outdated. Twitter is a great platform for recycling content- it really is okay as a best practice if you repeat tweets! While quality is always important, some marketers believe that volume is prioritized over originality when it comes to Twitter.  Don’t worry, Twitter has some ideas for creating this evergreen content!

Develop A Strategy For Retaining Followers

Having a concrete plan that covers what you want to provide and how you want to go about it is one of the most integral best practices out there. Without a solid direction, social media can be daunting. Don’t be afraid of Twitter!  Dive in, make mistakes, and you’ll figure it out in no time.  If you’re interested in more Twitter coaching, shoot us an email at

Even though we’re monkeys, we tweet all day long using said best practices.  Follow us and we’ll follow back!