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Hashtags can be very helpful in many ways including giving you the ability to expand your business through social media content. They make your content more discoverable to users on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and allow you to connect with other social media users through a common interest.

10 Tips for Hashtagging on Instagram

1. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags for every image. This may seem like overkill, however, it allows your content to become more discoverable to social media users.

2. When using 30 hashtags, use 20 of them consistently so that followers may come across them over time. This means you can use these same 20 hashtags in every photo.

3. When using 30 hashtags, make the other 10 hashtags directly relevant to the post.

4. Visit the pages of your influencers or others in your industry to find relevant hashtags.

5. Make sure that hashtags are relevant to the other text in the post or to your industry so as to avoid confusing the reader or mixing up your post’s message!

6. When hashtagging your content, consider your target audience and work to target them specifically.

7. Keep hashtags simple and catchy.

8. Make the hashtags easy to spell and easy to remember.

9. Capitalization can be very helpful. For instance, they are easier to read (#BestQuilts vs #bestquilts).

10. Running out of Ideas for Hashtags? Try a hashtag generator. They can be a very useful tool:

5 Tips for Hashtagging on Pinterest

1. Only use 3-5 hashtags.

2. Make sure they are relevant to the post.

3. Research others in your industry to find some popular hashtags.

4. Capitalize the hashtags in a creative but easy to read format. (#BestQuilts vs. #bestquilts)

5. Keep the hashtags simple and sweet.